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Why choose silver jewellery?

24/08/2019 | Paolo Parodi

 When it comes to choosing jewellery for yourself or for someone else, there is plenty of choices to pick from. Gold, platinum and silver are the most common choices and it can seem like there isn’t much in them, however, we believe that silver is a really great choice. To help you to make the decision, we have put together some of the reasons why we think that silver jewellery is so great.  

Long Silver Earrings

Silver looks more youthful than gold does against your skin  

If there is one thing that many people seem to think about silver jewellery, especially when it is compared to gold is that it is more youthful, that it appeals more to the younger market. Sure, gold jewellery looks beautiful on all ages, but if you want a fresh and funky vibe then silver is where it is at.

Silver is versatile and can go with any gem  

Gold looks great, but one of the things that you will quickly realise about gold is that it is not the most versatile of metals to work with. It doesn’t work with all the different skin tones and not only that, but gold doesn’t work with all colours of gem too. Silver, as a much more neutrally toned metal, can work not only on a variety of skin shades, but also with a number of gems too. Which means that it is a much more versatile choice.

Swarovski Earrings

Silver is more affordable than gold or other metals  

Whilst it doesn’t look “cheap” the great thing about silver is that it is often a cheaper alternative to other metals that you can choose for your jewellery. Not only does it mean that you can afford to treat yourself, but if you are looking to add in some of the more expensive gems, then you will be able to splash out a little more.

Silver is always on trend no matter the season 

It doesn’t matter the season; it doesn’t matter the style. The thing about silver is that it is always on trend. Silver doesn’t age and goes with plenty of outfit choices, which means that you can always turn to silver no matter what you are wearing and no matter what is in fashion.  

As you can see, there are so many things to love about silver that it really makes sense for it to be your go-to choice in jewellery. Sure, gold does look beautiful and platinum has such a luxurious feel, but silver can bring you both. 

Best of all, silver is also versatile, it is in style and it is fresh and vibrant. Whether it is in a pair of earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets, when you choose silver jewellery you are absolutely making an investment for your future fashion accessory choices.  

Silver Ring

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