Fashion Silver Jewelry.. specialising in importing lightweight jewellery in silver and stainless steel.  Our Silver earrings, Silver rings, Silver pendants, Silver charm beads, Bead and Silver bracelet,  Silver necklaces,  features gemstones and crystals like Swarovski La Crystale.  All of our collections  carefully follow the latest international regulations to ensure our jewellery in silver is safe to wear and complies with international standards.  Fashion Silver kids, showcase sterling silver cute jewelry designs for your little ones.

Jade Lucky Koi Fish Rings for Women 925 Sterling Silver Wedding Engagement Ring This lovely and elegant jade lucky koi fish ring is a great gift for a loved one. The ring is a great way to express love and luck. The fish symbolizes luck and happiness, while the green jade is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The ring is made of 925 sterling silver and the stone is a natural jade. The ring is resizable.

Beautiful work in this natural amber tea pot embedded on a sterling silver 925 ring.

Inspired by the beauty of our beautiful green forests, these stunning dropper silver forest earrings feature a leafy design encrusted with sparkling white zirconia stones. Crafted in sterling silver, the earrings can be worn individually or pair with similar items from the Forest collection for the perfect gift.

Brighten your love ones day with this silver double heart ring with cubic zirconia that they can pair with just about anything.

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