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To Be Happy Only Depends on Yourself

18/01/2021 | Paolo Parodi

The importance of attitude

How many times have we woken up with little desire to do anything and in a bad mood, or, on the contrary, if we have rested well, we wake up with good energy and wanting to take over the world.

Undoubtedly that beginning will determine to a great extent what that happens to us throughout the day? Many things that happen to us in the day will depend on the beginning of the morning.

This is why it is always good to try to get a good night's sleep and start the day with a healthy breakfast and an invigorating shower. If you can do some exercise, then the predisposition to have a good day is almost guaranteed. Or at least, to be able to face problems with a better attitude, which will make the solutions better. Consequently, we will be closer to that state of happiness that we long for. You are ready to face the day.

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Fix yourself for yourself and you'll feel better

The personal appearance is a true reflection of the state of mind. Both the state of health and the mood are reflected in the face and of course in the general appearance.

Therefore, it is very important to always dress up to look good and offer a good image to others. It is essential to do it always, but even more so when we do not feel well. When we are sad or depressed, getting carried away by discouragement is the worst mistake we can make. We run the risk of entering a loop from which it will be difficult for us to get out. It is the moment to take charge of our life and value our importance. Nothing better for this than to look beautiful and healthy. The problems will still be there, but we will have more strength to face them.

If we fix ourselves, we will feel good and look pretty, so consequently, we will use all our weapons to seduce others.

Feeling good is very easy

The most important thing is personal hygiene. Without that, it doesn't matter what clothes you wear or what jewellery you adorn yourself with. Wearing impeccable hair, loose or collected, but always shiny and well-groomed, is essential. Just a few more small gestures to have the key to success because when you feel good, you generate attraction to others.

The jewels will not be just an adornment or an accessory. Wearing a beautiful jewel or that reminds you of someone, will give you security and strength. If you wear a quartz jewel or a gemstone that is related to your energy, it will also provide you with a feeling of protection. It can be a bracelet, a ring, some earrings, a necklace or a brooch. Any jewel with which you feel powerful.

Don't live your life aimlessly, without knowing what you want to do with it, waiting for fate to decide what to do with you. You are the owner of your destiny. It is time for you to take control of the course of your life, leaving aside the internal saboteur who is intent on boycotting the best moment of your life: now.

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Obviously, success depends on many factors, and not only because they see you beautiful, you are going to succeed, this is clear, but there is no doubt that it is the first step of that ladder that is about to climb, so there is nothing left but to get down to the work and begin to build our image and launch ourselves into the adventure of life.

• Mental hygiene

We have to achieve a calm mind and for this, we must not neglect our state of mind and control of our emotions.

Being able to maintain a balanced state of mind, especially in these moments in which the accumulated tension after months of confinement and uncertainties can us. With Christmas in the making, knowing that we will not be able to be with the people with whom we usually meet at this time. Some because they are gone, others because they cannot come and others because of the precaution that the law suggests to us and especially our own responsibility.

It is clear that it is not an easy task at a difficult time, but it is a goal that we have to achieve, knowing, moreover, that we are in the final stretch… Think that a healthy and balanced mental state is the first thing that others will value.

• Diet and exercise

"Mens sana in corpore sana" phrase taken from one of the satirical poems written by the Roman author, Decimo Junio Juvenal. It currently has a different meaning than it did in its time, in which it referred to the need to pray for the gods to grant them a healthy body and mind.

It is now used to understand that physical exercise helps maintain mental balance. This is because physical activity releases endorphins and keeps us fit. Seeing ourselves well is essential for our state of mind, which is why the phrase acquires the dimension that corresponds to it.

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Only with all these premises, we can begin to think about adorning our body with something else. Appropriate clothing and pretty jewelry will do the rest.

It is important not to overdo it or overdo it. The balance is almost always right.

If you wear a patterned dress, don't wear too many accessories. On the other hand, if you dress entirely in one colour, you can abuse the jewelry ( Contemporary Handmade Silver Jewelry ) a little more. Everything will depend on the moment and the situation, but always keeping in mind the time of day, where we are going, and with whom. We can make a good impression as long as we look appropriate to the situation because grooming you for others is a show of respect.

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