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What Is The Best Quality Material To Make Charm Bracelets

19/10/2019 | Paolo Parodi

What Is The Best Quality Material To Make Charm Bracelets

Both bead and charm bracelets have huge demand worldwide. People in all parts of the world have this one common thing in their choice about fashion jewellery, and that is the charm bracelets. Charm bracelets made from beads and many othmaterials have always been popular, and are made and sold a lot. But if you are a charm bracelet lover, and want to keep the bracelet as a memory or memento for a special day or event or purpose of life, then you must look at the quality aspect of the jewellery too.

Understanding the best material to make a charm bracelet

 What most people forget while buying and wearing fashion jewellery is that, it must be made from lasting material too. People focus more on the style and looks, finish and customisation, and forget the make and material often. But a true charm bracelet lover would not let this string loosen, and would develop a better understanding about the best material to make their bracelets everlasting and forever.

It’s not just the durability which is affected by the choice of the bracelet make and material. Style, looks, price, the power of the bracelet if it is meant for some special auspicious purpose etc; all are impacted with the choice of the material. That’s why people talk about it, and the talks are on among bracelet makers, sellers, buyers, and users, to find the best material that may be used to make the bracelets. While there are various opinions about it, here we would go through the most popular choices and practices in bead and charm bracelet making. 

Terms you may find new

There are some terms which you would obviously find new while looking for charm bracelets, or may have heard, but don’t know the meaning of. It’s good for you if you know the meaning of the terms. This will smoothen your path to find the best bead and charm bracelets. Whether you intend to use the bracelet personally or gift it to a dear one, it’s always good to know details  about them to make the best choice as per your budget and purpose.


These are small pieces or trinkets made from silver, gold, or other precious metal, and each one have a special shape, design, and detailing on them. There are small and attached to the bracelet, wristlet, or necklace by an attachment ring such that they move and dangle with the movement and are well visible to represent the theme of the bracelet or the message within the bracelet. 

The charms represent many things. They may represent the choice of the person wearing the jewellery, or the habit, or the zodiac sign, or the life history, and many such things. The charms may represent important things in life, stages in life, memory of a dear one, symbols, alphabets and many such things. Basically the charms makes the bracelets so much versatile to carry the message of whatever you want it to. That’s why these charm bracelets carrying the small, delicate, detailed, and beautiful charms are so special, and so much demanded. 

Pandora bracelets

Pandora bracelets are special. The word Pandora is basically a brand name, which made the charm bracelets famous and brought those to limelight through a broad range of designs, choices of materials, and very versatile themes. Later the brand name became a part of the identity of the bead and charm bracelets. Now people talk about Pandora bracelets to suggest the charm bracelets of the best quality with the best design, material and make. That’s why Pandora bracelets are the most demanded in charm bracelets.

925 charms

Now these are charms or trinkets made some 925 silver. 925 silver or 925 sterling silver, which are both the same things, actually refers to an alloy that is made from 92.5% silver and the rest composed of other metals. In case of Pandora jewellery, buyers would often see this term mentioned here there. The charm necklaces and charm bead Pandora are often tagged as 925 sterling silver, or 925 charms etc. This simply means that those beads or charms are made from sterling silver- an alloy, which contains 92.5% pure silver along with 7.5% other metals.

Now that you know the meaning of these basic terms popular in the world of charm jewellery, silver bead bracelets, and Pandora jewellery, you can get a lot more confident to buy the charm jewellery with the right knowhow. Now, coming to the main concern, that which material is most suitable to get your Pandora bracelets made, or which material to buy in charm bracelets, you must learn and understand the importance of 925 charms. 

What kind of material is needed for making charm beads.  

The charms held on to a necklace or bracelet, are often very small and yet visible enough to attract attention. To accommodate small detailing, messages, quotes, notes, names, symbols, or other icons, which indicates something strongly or subtle, the charms need to be engraved and etched with details. Such detailing can only be done on a material, which is soft enough to absorb the detailing by the maker. Yet, the material must be hard enough to retain its shape and detailing even after frequent wear and tear, which is obvious while wearing and carrying them. That’s why one such material is required to make the small silver beads and charms which can endure wear and tear, and yet would not lose its shine and colour, and the small detailing and shape of it.

Sterling silver charm beads

Sterling silver is one such material, which conforms to the above mentioned standards. It is hard enough to resist scratches, wear and tear, and loss of shape. Again, it’s soft as an alloy to receive the carvings and detailing that’s needed to make charms for jewellery. That’s why sterling silver is a great choice in jewellery making and specially for making charms and silver beads for various types of wristlets, necklaces, and bracelets.

More about Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver. It majorly contains silver, and contains a very small amount of other metals. Among the other metals the main ingredient is generally copper. This alloy of silver is highly popular in use in jewellery making, and this is so because it has all those properties, which makes it an ideal jewellery material with a soft white shine that retains its glamour and colour with the finest carvings on it.

The amount of silver put in the making of sterling silver is 92.5%. This means the purity of silver in sterling silver is 92.5%, and the rest is a mixture if other metals or copper. Hence, Sterling silver is mostly silver, and this justifies the name of this alloy too.

Why pure silver is not used in charms and beaded jewellery

Pure silver is surely used in jewellery making, but definitely is not the ideal and favourable material to be used. The main reason pure silver, which is 99.9% pure, is not used in jewellery making is for its softness. 

Pure silver is a malleable material, which means it’s very soft, and not impact resistant. If pure silver made item is impacted with pressure, then it would lose its shape and detailing, and definitely the carvings and styles made on it. 

That’s why making small charms and silver beads using pure silver is a big risk, and though it would cost slightly more, yet it would not give a durable piece of jewellery which one may use for many years with the same shape, shine, and texture.  Another problem with pure silver is that, it loses its colour very soon. Silver loses its white colour and shine in a few days, once it’s exposed to open air and nature. Hence, why one may have to frequently make efforts to get the piece polished again and again to bring back the white shine and texture.

But all these problems with pure silver can be totally eliminated with the use of  sterling silver. And since, sterling silver is made with 92.5% pure silver, thus it’s also referred to as 925 sterling silver.

Pandora bracelet materials

Pandora bracelets are the most highly regarded bracelets in silver bead and charm bracelets. The silver beads or charms in these bracelets are of the highest quality, and the best make with the finest detailing. Obviously they will have to make these bracelets and necklaces using the best material possible to keep up with the brand name and reputation of Pandora. That’s why these are made from 925 silver, and also stamped with the same. Hence, when you go to buy silver 925 charm beads jewellery, you must look for the 925 stamp or tag on the jewellery.  Only 925 sterling silver made harms and beads are compatible with Pandora to make the charm bracelets. Therefore, all sterling silver jewellery will have this stamp mentioning 925 on them, which is  an indicator of the purity of the material in the jewellery.

Sterling silver 925 is the best for charm bracelets

As of now, neither gold, and nor silver is the best; but only 925 sterling silver is the most suitable jewellery to help keep the shining and small trinkets on the jewellery at their best condition and looks through years. Therefore, if you have been wondering what is the best quality material to made bead or charm bracelets, then the answer to this is 925 sterling silver.  

Since jewelleries with this marking are highly demanded, sellers put this stamp on the appropriate jewellery. To buy the best quality bracelets or necklaces, you just therefore need to read the stamp on the piece. 

Heart Bead

Picking the Best 925 Sterling Silver Charm

Unadulterated silver is an uncommon component that is very costly. Rather, a great many people looking for silver adornments will choose 925 real silver, a silver combination that is 92.5 % silver and 7.5 % different metals (generally copper) by weight. There are various sorts of adornments produced using authentic silver, from anklets and wristbands to pieces of jewelry and hoops. However, regardless of what gems you own, a 925 real silver appeal will make the ideal expansion bit of gems.

These charms come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Probably the most mainstream plans include:

• Hearts

• Flowers

• Zodiac signs

Wearing any of these 925 silver charms will speak to specific sentiments and feelings. Hearts are ordinarily viewed as the most mainstream beguile and can represent love, sentiment, and dedication towards another person. Blossoms, then again, speak to characteristic excellence. Various blossoms have various implications. For instance, lilies represent respect and aspiration, while tulips speak to absolution and loyalty.

A few people may pick explicit charms carefully for their stylish worth. This can incorporate any number of signs, images, or shapes, from stars and suns to spades and clubs.

The potential outcomes really are huge with respect to the flexible 925 authentic silver appeal. Utilize your innovative abilities and creative mind, and you'll have the option to make an interesting structure that shows the world what your identity is.
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