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Unusual Earrings

03/11/2019 | Paolo Parodi

Why Choose Silver Earrings?

Numerous advantages are to be gained when choosing silver for your choice of earrings or jewellery. Silver is currently the choice of those from a variety of ages and lifestyles, including teenagers through to grandparents and to the top profile fashion divas and celebrity icons. Silver will enhance your appearance and at the same time allow you to save a great deal of money when compared to other popular metals.

Silver is a strong and durable metal when it is pure as opposed to gold which can be easily bent and manipulated with bare hands in its pure form. This means that silver can be worked with in its purest form and so will consistently produce dazzling and untainted results, unlike gold which may become discoloured due to other metals needing to be added to allow it to become workable.

Being useable in a pure form also birthstone silver earrings means that silver is extremely easy to work with and can be crafted into the most appealing and intricate of designs which, with other forms of metal used for jewelry would otherwise be impossible to achieve.

What Do You Need To Know To Buy Unusual Earrings In Silver

While looking for unusual earrings to buy, and off-beat designs which are affordable as well, one of the best options you may explore is sterling silver for earrings. Sterling silver, an alloy of silver, made from 92.5% silver and 7.5% mixture of other metals is a great choice in jewellery making metal. That’s why sterling silver common known as 925 silver, make excellent earrings. 

Yet there are many myths surrounding the make and use of the metal, and many people till date doesn’t know that sterling silver is actually silver only in 92.5% purity. However let not this ignorance become the reason to miss out on some of the best and fashionable earring styles and trends in sterling silver earrings.

What you need to know about silver earring

There are things you need to know about silver earrings. This will prepare you to find the best designs and most fashionable pieces available at the best prices easily, while busting myths which revolve around jewellery made from silver, sterling silver, 925 earrings etc. Whether you are a new buyer of silver accessories, or have been using silver jewellery for much time, you may find important facts here to help you get to your favourite pair of earrings with the right factual knowhow. Hence read on:

  • While searching for silver earrings, you would find a term 925 earrings. Wherever you see 925 written against silver, you must decipher this as earring made from original sterling silver with 92.5% pure silver content in it. The rest of the 7.5% is generally copper or a mixture of copper with other metals. 92.5% is written in the short form as 925, which is a globally accepted standard term to tell sterling silver.
  • Sterling silver is an alloy of silver with 92.5% silver in it. This is shinier, lustrous, hard, and better metal to make earrings and jewellery compared to pure silver.
  • Silver studs earrings made from 925 silver are also sold in oxidised form, and there they mention the pieces as oxidised silver earrings. These are a little tan shaded, and look darker with a blackish tone which is in trend these days, and much preferred by modern jewellery lovers for antique look.
  • It’s always good to go for sterling silver earrings than pure silver made earrings. Sterling silver earrings are much more durable, and don’t lose their polish and shine easily as compared to pure silver.

The truth about oxidised silver earrings

The term oxidised may look puzzling for them who already know that original pure silver jewellery tend to get tarnished fast and easily, and that’s what is called oxidation. Then why are oxidised silver earrings being sold and bought! Well, the truth is, the oxidised earrings and other silver jewellery being sold are already chemically oxidised to bring a uniform hue all over the piece, and make it look tan and antique in a stylish way. This has some benefits a stated below.

Un-oxidised silver earrings would still turn darker in hue sooner or later, due to exposure to excess oxygen and chemicals in the atmosphere, which would change their look anyhow. Sterling silver gets the tan much later than pure silver, and retains its shine much longer. Still a time comes when the tan gradually forms. In the case of natural oxidation this tan may not be uniform, and a spotted and dotted tan may also form at some places, giving a blotchy look to the jewellery. This can be avoided pretty easily by picking oxidised jewellery, which already has this coating in uniform layer, thereby giving the piece a presentable antique finish.

Another reason oxidised silver earrings are preferred by buyers is the actually interesting colour and look of the earrings. They look very beautiful and stunningly eye catching actually with the oxidised finish. If you already have silver earrings which are shining and polished, and are looking for something different, you must try a pair of oxidised silver earrings, and see the difference in look you can cultivate. In fact they are also loved by many who would love to wear silver without the shine and shimmer. Oxidised jewellery actually creates that chance for you to wear your favourite design without the extra polish, and yet look gorgeous.

The proper storage makes a difference

Knowing about silver percentage, sterling silver, and options about oxidised earrings is not enough to shop for silver earrings. You need to know more. Say you have already bought your favourite silver earrings and are flaunting it already at places through the day. But you don’ know the care and storage procedure for your silver studs earrings. In that case also, you may lose the polish and shine of the earrings prematurely. Hence read on below to know the proper care instructions for your silver studs earrings:

  • Storage is highly important in case of silver earrings you just should not leave your silver earrings lying here and there after taking them off. The use of proper storage boxes for your silver earrings is a must. Leaving your silver jewellery in the open air, exposed to chemicals, pollutants etc, while not in use is a big blunder which can reduce the lustre and polish of your jewellery prematurely. Storing them in air tight containers or boxes, which keeps them un-exposed to the open air is the best way for daily care of your earrings while not in use or when you take them off while bathing or sleeping etc.
  • You should avoid taking shower with your silver studs on. Water accelerates the oxidation reaction thereby changing the hue of the jewellery soon. This can be avoided when you keep your studs dry. In case you accidentally wet them, try to pat them dry as soon as possible.
  • You must not wear your silver earrings to the swimming pool. The chlorine in the pool water reacts very fast with metals, and can instantly tarnish silver. Even sterling gets tanned from chlorine water.  For the same reason, you should not get into a hot tub with your silver earrings on. The reaction towards oxidations gets accelerated at hot tubs due to presence of more chemicals.
  • Your sterling silver studs should not be worn inside hot springs too. There is high amount of sulphur in the water of hot springs, which would react with the metal.
  • Body lotions, creams, oils etc can also react with the earrings as they also contain chemicals. That’s why you should apply your creams or lotions, and all the make-up, and then after drying off the layers, you should put on the earrings. 

Following the above steps would just ensure that your silver earring stays with their new shine and polish for long. 

Keep a silver-cleaning cloth at home

If you are fond of sterling silver earrings, and often wear them to work, in daily life, to parties and outings etc., then you must keep a silver wiping cloth at home within your reach. These are special microfibrr cloths to clean the surface of silver jewellery. Rubbing your studs with the cloth while dry is the best way for frequent care of the jewellery and maintaining its proper shine and white colour. Paper towels or any ordinary cloth is not good for this job, and would not serve the purpose. You must get one of the silver cleaning cloths only, and they come at affordable prices.

Did you know that sterling silver earrings are allergy free?

Well this may be a very interesting and informative piece of information for you. Sterling silver earrings are great wear for those who are susceptible to allergies. Sterling silver is hypoallergenic, and does not react to skin to give rashes or any other problems, itches etc. That’s why they are worn, not just for their safe hypoallergenic nature, but also as a direct piercing tool for ear piercings. Ear pierced with silver earrings would not develop an infection, and would rather heal faster and dry up soon.

Which is the best silver earring producing country?

Well at current date, there is no such thing as best silver producing country. It’s all about purity, clarity, and design, where the country and culture has a smaller role than the producing company. The manufacturer or designer of the earrings decides with their designs, and their use of the best material whether that would be deemed best or not. Quality, hardness, designs, and clarity of the design, all matters to together, along with the reasonable price to make the earrings worth owning.

Hence, to find the best earrings in sterling silver, one must find a seller who has a reputation, and is dependable for the selling policies, proper price tags, great designs and all.

Finally- Unusual earrings to buy

One of the best materials while looking for unusual earring designs, trinkets and charms etc. is sterling silver. Sterling silver, the white alloy with a brighter shine and polish than pure silver, is the best for intricate carvings, and yet great strength. That’s why sterling silver can be carved out to form amazing designs in jewellery. For the same reason the metal works like a charm in making of unusual and trend settings designs in earrings and studs too. Hence, if you want to try something off-the-charts, new, unique, unusual, and even strange, then you must look for sterling silver earrings. They are available online for buying easily, and designs are just too overwhelming and too many.

Hence, to make a mark or impression, and show off your casual to unusual taste and style, you must try the very trendy and highly fashionable sterling silver or 925 silver earrings.


Real silver studs are sturdy, solid, have a high stylish appearance, don't discolor effectively, are profoundly accessible lastly, very reasonable. These and a few different elements credit to the all inclusive acknowledgment of hoops made of silver. With regards to gems, aside from the material from which a specific one is made, the plan or style likewise represents its intrigue. The equivalent is valid for authentic silver hoops. There are a few plans wherein these hoops can be found. In any case, one thing is sure, whatever the style, plan or make of the silver stud, amethyst silver earrings it would be lovely.

Dangle Bee Earrings

Silver loop hoops

This is one of the most mainstream kinds of silver hoops. They can be effortlessly observed around as a great deal of ladies use them. They were likewise well known in old occasions and were utilized for a few purposes especially by well-to-do individuals as a method of expressing their riches. For the individuals who may not be comfortable with them, band studs are basically hoops made in a roundabout shape, you know, similar to a ring or a b-ball circle. There are a few sorts of circle studs accessible and include: little bands, huge loops, wanderer circles, curved loops, circled circles and a few others. They are likewise accessible in an assortment of mixes and plans and can have valuable stones, for example, jewels, rubies, pearls precious stones and others appended to them.

Hoop Heart Silver earrings

Silver dangle studs

These sorts of studs are additionally alluded to as danglers. Similarly as the name infers, they are generally long and "dangle". They are likewise extremely famous among ladies as they make a specific intrigue that different plans can't. A few ladies lean toward wearing them since it loans a specific quality of experience, non congruity and setting out to their character. They are additionally accessible in a few cuts sizes and length.

Dangle Swarovski Earrings

Silver stud hoops

These are little or charming types of silver hoops and are the sorts generally preferred by men. A great deal of ladies additionally like this kind of silver studs which are likewise accessible in a few styles.

Preferences of Buying Sterling Silver Earrings

Silver has for quite some time been an important metal for as long as anybody can recall. The worth appended to silver particularly in its utilization as a decorative metal and furthermore in making coins has been in presence since old occasions. Different utilizations for silver have likewise developed after some time as the attributes of silver were better comprehended. A significant region where silver is unmistakably utilized today is in the assembling of adornments. To be sure, silver studs are exceptionally chic pieces!

Fashion Silver - Sterling Silver Earrings

Conventionally, silver is generally not utilized alone yet in blend with different metals to frame what is known as combinations. These amalgams come in a few sorts, contingent upon the level of silver contained and different metals utilized. One of such amalgams is authentic silver which is a basic mix with copper, nickel or different metals.


Hoops are ordinarily produced using authentic silver due to a few preferences advertised. What are a portion of the properties that make this sort of amalgam helpful for assembling studs? Continue perusing to know them!

To begin with, hoops are wonderful pieces and are likewise a most loved of the two people. This can be followed to the stunning charm and adaptability with which they can be joined with a wide scope of clothing types. This appearance, showed by silver dangle hoops or silver stud hoops or some other sort of silver hoops, is proffered on them by ethicalness of being produced using real silver.

Accordingly, you can be certain that your studs will stand apart well on the off chance that you go for silver.

Another bit of leeway of making studs from real silver is the quality or strength that it has. Real silver because of the alloying procedure has been made to get sufficient for use in adornments making. Subsequently you can be guaranteed that your silver hoops will keep going you for an extensive stretch and you truly don't need to stress over your studs tumbling off or the fastens getting broken.

Authentic silver endures!

A third advantage offered silver charm beads for bracelets by real silver in making hoops has to do with their accessibility both in numbers and furthermore in cost. As prior referenced, real silver is ordinarily utilized for making silver hoops and thus can be found all over the place. Also, they are accessible in reasonable costs to suit any spending plan. In any event they for the most part cost not exactly gold.

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